While I produce, write, and edit my own projects, for the following videos I acted solely as editor.

Scammed: Financial Fraud Revealed

I served as editor on this documentary produced by Sandy Roob.
From Wall Street to Main Street in cities and towns across Indiana, anyone with money to invest is vulnerable to financial fraud. Business professionals we thought were trustworthy sometimes lie, cheat, and steal for their own personal gain.
In this documentary we reveal criminal cases in which fraudsters bilked Hoosiers of millions of dollars. We'll find out how investors were scammed by deals that sounded too good to be true or by sharing an affinity with the perpetrator. We'll hear how the scams unraveled, learn from past mistakes, and discover how to prevent future financial fraud through education and recognizing warning signs.
This program is funded by a grant form Investor Protection Trust.

La Casa Azul

Local playwright and artist Gregory Hancock produced and directed an original musical based on the life of artist Frida Kahlo.
This three part mini-documentary serves as introduction, intermission and close to the production which aired on WFYI. Part one looks at who Frida was, along with how Mr. Hancock came up with the idea for the show. The intermission segment explores how the music was created, while the final piece talks about what's next for La Casa Azul.
While I did not edit the performance itself, I did edit these three pieces, along with the promo.

Heart of Taiwan

Visiting performers form the Dong Hwa University Dance Troupe stop by the Hoosier state to share their culture.

Wrestling with the Infinite
12 artists, representing many artistic disciplines, studied for several months the biblical story from Genesis - Jacob's Dreams. The artists were selected to participate in Butler University's "Religion, Spirituality and the Arts" initiative directed by Rabbi Sandy Sasso.
A word from the client:
"What a wonderful video of Wrestling with the Infinite! Thank you so much for capturing the many voices, sounds and images of the exhibition and performance."
   -- Rabbi Sandy Sasso
      Director, Religion, Spirituality and the Arts

"By video recording our performance in the Artsgarden, you helped preserve the dream to present artists of multi-disciplines in a big show. Working with you has been a pleasure and an honor."
  -- Dan Cooper